Ranchi– Heart of jharkhand

hey everyone are you from famous city? or are you want to visit famous city? if you have not visited this city yet then you have to visit this city atleast one time. because the main beauty of jharkhand is in this city.

there are many awesome places for tour and picnic after all this is also the clean city of jharkhand, if you ever visit ranchi you will gonna love ranchi. the environment of ranchi is so friendly and the weather of ranchi is so romantic and joyful.

when you visit ranchi then you must have to eat famous fast food in ranchi  because the fast food of ranchi is very much tasty when you visit the main areas of ranchi like lalpur and bahu bazar you will get many shops of fast food so today i will guide you that which shops have the best fast food.

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Bahu Bazar

when you are in bahu bazar the main chowk has  many shops where you can get famous fast food in ranchi. one of the best shop is panjabi fast food, here you can get many fast food like egg roll ,chicken roll, paneer roll, chicken chilli, vej chilli, cheicken paratha and lots of tasty fast food are available there.

you can also eat in ranchi food plaza there are also the best fast food are available, only you have to do is visit bahu bazar once the fast food of this place will be loved by you.

also, bahu bazar has so many shopping mall which you can visit during your tour the bahu bazar road which is known as church road is the market place, 2 times in a week there will be sit a market of vegetables and after that the main road has so many malls like mega shop, citi style, bombay bazar, vishal mega shop and many more.

Other places near bahu bazar

the other places of ranchi are also awesome for visits there are also available best food and best tour place one of the best place new bahu bazar is pahadi mandir which is also a beautiful place of visitors as well as ranchi’s peoples. once you have visited ranchi you will gonna love the place ranchi.

also ranchi is one of the best place for studying, many famous schools and colleges are there you can come and join here for your remaining education. you will get better coaching here also just you have to do is staying in ranchi and feel its beauty and nature.

Ranchi city is also known for the education because in bahu bazar ranchi there is many schools and colleges. when you go to ranchi you only found students over there because the full place is fill with colleges schools lodges and hostels. and also there is many institute which can be beneficial for everyone who wants to stay and study over there.

Bahu bazar ranchi is really a loving place to live i have this experience as i alreadyb lived there for 3 years in my hostel. if you ever went to ranchi bahu bazar you should try their fast food its really awesome. i want to say something for the person who gets oppurtunity to go ranchi you must have to go the place as well as the everything of that place is really nice i am sure you will gonna love this place as i loved it.

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