the best phone for pubg under 5000 – Today, I’m Gonna Show You Best phone Under 5000 ( Best At Price) That will be Good For BGMI

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Best Mobile Under 5000 Rupees Only


Phones that are cost under 5000 rupees in India

best phone for pubg mobile under 5000
best phone for pubg mobile under 5000

best phone under 5000

  1. Asus Zenfone Selfie
  2. Infinix S4
  3. Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus
  4. Samsung Galaxy M01 Core
  5. Realme C2s

Best Phone Under 5000 – Hello readers, Today I am gonna show you the best phones for PUBG mobile under 5000 rupees. I know there are so many smartphones available on the market and you are searching for a smartphone that is also good for PUBG or Battleground Mobile India. Don’t worry I am here to guide you.

So I researched this topic and found some smartphone that is good for PUBG and all these smartphones are below 5000 rupees. I am sharing full details about this smartphone, its specification, and where to buy them so let’s get started.

Basically, there are not so many smartphones available at this price because PUBG is a high graphics game as well as it takes too much space external, so it is hard to find a phone that is below 5000 rupees.

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NO.1 – Realme C2s

Best phone under 5000

About this phone

We all know about Realme its a growing brand and almost takes the place of redmi in the market. Realme is growing like a boom in this time.

And now realme is going to introduce a low range smartphone which is almost beat every smartphone in the market.

because at this price there is no any phone which gives all the specification that realme going to give in this smartphone.

When we are talking about its availability, it is an upcoming smartphone that is going to release soon. however, there is no announcement regarding this smartphone but we can say that it is going to release within 2 or 3 months from now.

if you can wait for the above mention days then you can surely get an amazing smartphone. below a brief specification about this smartphone. have a look at this.

Specification of Realme C2s

        • Price-                    > expected Rs.3499
        • Processor-            > Helio P22, Octa-Core, 2GHz Processor
        • RAM-                    > 3GB RAM
        • Storage-               > 32GB External Storage
        • Battery-                > 4000 mAh Battery
        • Screen Size-        > 6.1 Inches Full HD
        • Android               > Android v9.0 Pie


No.2 Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

Best Phone under 5000

About This Smartphone-

With the Trust of the Samsung brand, This smartphone is just launched in Flipkart with many features at a low price and it is also good for PUBG too. It is the trending low-budget smartphone in the year 2021.

You can directly buy this smartphone at Flipkart as the sale is going on, you can also avail a discount of 500rs through an SBI credit card, and if you are a part of the Flipkart student group that you can get an additional discount of 500 rupees more.

If you are searching for a low-budget smartphone for PUBG or battleground mobile India then it is your great time to buy this smartphone as I told you the sale is going on.

so why you are waiting just believe my research and buy it then thank me later. below I am sharing the full specification have a look at it.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

        • Price-                    > Rs. 4999
        • Processor-            > Helio MT6789, Quad-Core, 1.5GHz Processor
        • RAM-                    > 3GB RAM
        • Battery-                > 3500 mAh Battery
        • Screen Size-        > 5.3 Inches Full HD
        • Android               > Android v10

No.3 Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus

Best phone under 5000 rupees

About This Smartphone-

On our list, it is the 3rd smartphone and it also Samsung. If you really searching for a smartphone that will perform an amazing performance in PUBG then it is the best smartphone.

you can’t get a phone better than this smartphone at this range for PUBG. But there is an issue with this smartphone.

When we are talking about its availability then it is hard to purchase. yes, this is the issue, it is an old model which is almost 3 years old but trust me its specification is far better than today’s smartphone.

you can look for this smartphone in the old mobile shop, there is a chance to get this smartphone


        • Price-                    > Rs. 4990
        • Processor-            > Snapdragon 425, Quad-Core, 1.4GHz Processor
        • RAM-                    > 4GB RAM
        • Storage-               > 64GB External Storage
        • Battery-                > 3300 mAh Battery
        • Screen Size-        > 6.1 Inches Full HD
        • Android               > Android v8.0 updated to 10

No.4 Infinix S4

Best phone for pubg

About this Smartphone-

Infinix is also a good company that grows these days, basically, this company’s aim is to provide their customer with many features at Low budget you can check out more smartphones of infinix by click here.

Infinix is a king in low-budget smartphones. you can buy this smartphone, it is one of the best smartphones in the low range.

This smartphone can be easily ordered through any e-commerce site or app. you can simply buy it from there. this smartphone also comes with a 1-year warranty like other smartphones.

below some specifications, I am sharing you can see them before purchasing this smartphone.


        • Price-                    > Rs. 4999
        • Processor-            > Helio P22 octa-Core, 2GHz Processor
        • RAM-                    > 3GB RAM
        • Battery-                > 4000 mAh Battery
        • Screen Size-        > 6.21 Inches Full HD
        • Camera-              > 13 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP Triple Rare & 5 MP Front Camera
        • Android               > Android v9.0 pie

No.5 Asus Zenfone Selfie

Best phone for pubg mobile

About This Smartphone-

Asus is a well-known company for its products, especially for laptops but there is no issue about their smartphones because all the smartphones are truly worthy. if you know someone who has the zenfone contact him or her and ask for a review I am 100 percent sure that they will give you a positive review about the phone. so I am here with a smartphone of zenfone which is almost the best among all the phones I have told you before at this range.

You can simply buy this smartphone from online sources or at an offline store. it is easily available in the market so there is no issue with the availability of this smartphone. also, you will have a good phone for playing PUBG Mobile so why you are waiting, you can’t find a better phone like this.


        • Price-                    > Rs. 4999
        • Processor-            > Snapdragon 615, octa-Core, 1.7GHz Processor
        • RAM-                    > 3GB RAM
        • Battery-                > 3000 mAh Battery
        • Screen Size-        > 5.5 Inches Full HD
        • Android               > Android v9.0 pie
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