Which are the best web series to watch during lockdown

best web series

Best web series to watch during lockdown

Hello everyone as you know lockdown is already applied in almost every state of India. In this situation, many peoples get bored in their homes they do not have many works to do.

so today I am going to tell you some best web series to watch during the lockdown. I will suggest to you some best web series of all time which you will definitely gonna love to watch.

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Top 2 Web series

If you usually watch web series then you will definitely know this web series. if you already watched it you can skip it. before starting to talking anything about this web series.

I want to tell you that the starting week of this web series released is record-breaking in that time almost 90 percent of active users of Netflix were watched it.

So it is a Netflix original web series available on Netflix you can watch it in the Hindi language also as it released its Hindi official dubbing in February 2021.

it is available on Netflix and can be watched from there. and also available at many websites and yes telegram too. Money heist has 4 seasons and 5th season of money heist will be released next year.

The story of this web series is based on the greatest money heist of all time. professor and team and their brilliant mind many more things you will gonna like this in this web series. it is one of my favorite web series.


  • It Okey to Not be Okey

If you are tired to watch crime thriller drama etc types of web series and want to watch a web series that will relax your mind, then here is the best love story web series.

it is a Korean love drama web series that is available on Netflix and also available to watch in Hindi.

you can also search this web series on the internet for watching it has only 1 season which has 16 episodes each episode is about 50 minutes excluded credits.

there is no update about the next season of this web series but we can hope for it as this web series was liked by many peoples.

Story of this web series is based on psychology and love. in Korea the name of this web series is psycho but it’s okay after that, it will change the name and be released in India with this name.

the main thing you will like in this web series is there are no negative points regarding this web series, everything is right in this web series and the cinematography is lovable.

in the beginning, it looks like a horror web series but it is not. this web series is full of comedy, emotions, and brilliant acting, you will never gotta catch that its an acting or happening in the real world.

I strongly suggest you watch this web series for at least one episode with patience and then you will addict to it.

if you are not able to find this web series, feel free to contact me. thanks.