Government polytechnic Ranchi

GP Ranchi – A Polytechnic College

Government Polytechnic Ranchi is one of the best government colleges of polytechnic in Jharkhand. GP Ranchi has well-qualified faculty and high merit students.

facilities like buildings, lecture halls, laboratories, workshops, Hostel, and Library are also available in GP Ranchi. In GP Ranchi Smart class is also available which is very good technology in education.

WIFI and Computers are also available for students. The campus is user-friendly and has a garden on the campus just close to the college. The building is very good for this college. we will discuss further on this topic below.

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Government Polytechnic, Ranchi
Bahu Bazaar, Church Road, Ranchi 834001
Jharkhand – INDIA

The college is located in the mid-city of the Ranchi near bahu Bazar church road opposite saint Barnabas hospital.



Government Polytechnic Ranchi builds and starts in the year 1935 when there are no engineering colleges available in Bihar Jharkhand. in that time this college is known as the Ranchi School Of Engineering. GP Ranchi was so famous at that time.

It was the oldest institute in Jharkhand starting their first course Civil Engineering with 120 students.

and later,

Diploma in production engineering in the year 1971
Diploma in electrical engineering in the year 1971
Diploma in electronics engineering in the year 1971
Diploma in Computer Science  Engineering in the year 2000

Later diploma in production engineering was replaced by civil engineering in the year 2008 with 30 and 30 to 60 increases in 2010 for the enhancement of Govt. polytechnic, Ranchi.

It is the best college among all the polytechnic colleges in Ranchi, every year the best ranker take admission in this college. Placement is very good in this college.

GP Ranchi Facilities within College

WIFI available
Computer Class (200 computers)
CCTV Camera
Smart Class
Other Facilities
hostel (boys and girls separate)
College Campus

Courses Provided by GP RANCHI



Gp Ranchi has a wonderful hostel campus for both boys as well as girls. and have good facilities in the hostel as well. light electricity water supply and cleaners to maintain the hostel neat and clean.

The nearby places are also good for a student and it is located in the mid of the city so there is everything available you will never out of anything there. also available good coaching institute there so you can avail them easily. some institute has a hostel in itself to stay if anyone wants to stay there you can also stay there.

My Review about the college

As I am one of the students of this college, I would like to suggest to you that if you are thinking to take admission to this college then you are right.

This college is situated in the main city, suppose if you need to purchase anything, you can purchase it from there. everything is available.

if you want to stay at the hostel you can stay easily, and many more extra facilities will be provided to you like coaching are available near to the college, not only the coaching everything you need you can find here.

So go ahead if you are thinking to take admission, you are going to love this college and the nature of Ranchi.

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