GPD Win 3 Mini Gaming PC – Price, Specs Release Date in India


GPD Win 3 Mini Pc (GamePad Digital) is Officially released

Hello everyone, Today I am going to share some good news with all of you. GPD Win 3 Mini Gaming Pc is now officially released and you can purchase it from international shopping websites, However GPD Win 3 Mini PC is not officially released in India, it is available to buy in the United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, etc.

In This article, I am going to tell you about the cost of the GPD Win 3 Mini PC, the Specifications of the GPD Win 3 Mini PC, and also we are going to discuss when GPD Win 3 Mini PC is officially released in India and when it is available to purchase in India.

GDP Win 3 Mini Pc – A Powerful Gaming Mini PC

GDP (GamePad Digital) is finally released GDP win 3 for purchase in many countries and going to release in other remaining countries soon. as it is a gaming PC, it is so powerful and has an excellent performance in gaming.

we play games on GPD Win 3 Mini PC and we found that Win 3 is able to run GTA 5, The witcher likes big games very easily and the gameplay was so smooth. Also, big editing software was run smoothly on GPD Win 3 Mini PC.

How much will GPD Win 3 cost?

Well if you don’t know How much will GPD Win 3 cost? then let me tell you that the cost of GDP win 3 is $1,239.99.

So The Price of the GPD Win 3 Mini PC is $1,239.99

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That means GDP win 3 in India in INR is Currency 93145 Rs (Ninty-Three thousand one hundred and forty-five rupees) is something high in my view but the product is worth the cost as I have not found any negative point on GPD Win 3 Mini PC.

What are the key specifications of GDP Win 3?

Display size & Screen Resolution

‎5.5 Inches ‎1280x720 60hz


2.9 GHz core i7 11th Gen


16GB & 1TB SSD


‎Intel Iris Plus 96 EUs

Battery and Charger

45000 mAh, 65w C type

GDP Win 3 Release date in India

well, if we talking about the release date of the GPD Win 3 Mini PC then it was January 2022 but still GPD Win 3 Mini PC was not released in India. but we can assume that GPD Win 3 Mini PC will be released in India soon before March 2022.


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