How to Connect iPhone to Your TV in USA 2022

How to Connect iPhone to Your TV

Connect iPhone to Your TV 

Whether you’re trying to mirror your screen to your TV using AirPlay, Chromecast, or an
adapter, there are a few steps you need to follow. These steps will help you get your iPhone
connected to your TV.

Moreover, they are simple and easy enough that anyone can do! But you must make sure that you have a strong WIFI connection to be on the same wireless network as your TV and iPhone. For that, we recommend you Mediacom for a glitch-free

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1. AirPlay

If you own Apple TV, you can utilize its features to connect your smartphone to your
television instantly. You can use the features to stream music and videos, share images on
your screen, view videos, and more. Certain TVs also come with Airplay integrated, which
means you can directly connect using the procedure as described below.

  • Make sure you connect your iOS device and Apple TV to the same WiFi network.
  • Based on the version you are running, swipe either up or down to display and then
    open Control Center.
  • Click Screen mirroring, and select Your Apple TV or Airplay-compatible TV from the
    options. If AirPlay is an option that appears on your TV screen, you can enter the
    name into the settings on your iOS device.
  • Select the orientation of your screen, either horizontal or vertical, and select the
    orientation you wish the TV to show. You can turn your phone around – the TV's
    display will change instantly.
  • Watch your favorite content on the large screen.

2. Chromecast

Once you’ve downloaded the Google Home app for iOS, you can use it to set up your
Chromecast devise. You can use Chromecast to send videos, photos, and audio from your
iPhone to your TV. Most supported apps can display the content directly on the television
without mirroring the mobile device.

  • Start the app, and then tap the + icon in the upper-left area to include a device
    should you require it?
  • If not, simply tap the device that you'd like to cast and then tap “Clear my Screen” in
    the lower right corner to put your phone's screen on the television.
  • Once you’re done, tap to stop mirroring within the application.

3. Adapter

If you want to use your iPhone to watch your favorite TV shows or play games on your big
screen, there are several ways to connect it to your TV. Apple’s AirPlay and Chromecast have made it easy to mirror the screen of your iPhone on your big screen, but you may also need an adapter or HDMI cable to connect your iPhone to your television.

How do you connect your iPhone to the HDMI cable and Lightning Adapter

  • Attach one side of your HDMI cable to an open HDMI connector on your
    television. You can find it on the sides of your television and behind it. It should be
    marked with the HDMI mark on it. Keep track of the number.
  • Attach the opposite end of a cable HDMI cable to the Digital Lightning adapter for
  • Connect the Lightning connection to your iPhone.
  • Turn your TV on and use the remote or the TV’s buttons to change to the
    appropriate HDMI port you just connected to the cable.
  • The sound and picture from the iPhone or iPad should show up on the screen.

4. Smart TV

Some smart TV models come with iPhone support built-in – look for the feature known as
Airplay on the specs of your TV. For TVs that do not support Airplay, specific applications
based on your TV manufacturer allow you to mirror what you’re seeing from your iPhone
on your TV. This lets you engage in games and stream your subscriptions to a large

How do you link the iPhone with your TV

  • Download the application such as Nero.
  • Connect your iPhone as well as your Smart TV via the same signal.
  • Choose the type of content you want to stream and click the option that allows you
    to stream certain media from your iPhone to your television.

Utilizing the Plug and Play cable for connecting your iPhone to your television

If you own a television that permits the connection via USB to your mobile, you can buy a
Plug and Play cords with an HDMI. It also has USB connectivity and the Lighting side of
your iPhone, and you avoid needing to purchase two cables.

Nevertheless, keep in mind some HDMI cables do not work with paid subscriptions or applications.

Connect your iPhone to a plug and Play cable

  • Connect one end of your HDMI cable with the HDMI port and the other side to the
    The USB side of your TV. Find ports that have the HDMI and USB labels on them.
  • The Lighting Side can be connected to your iPhone.
  • Switch on your TV and search for the HDMI input you selected.
  • Get started enjoying what’s on your mobile and your television.


Now you can easily connect your iPhone to the television using any of the methods
mentioned above.