How to create a blog using Blogger in 10 minutes

create a website using blogger

Steps to Create a Website using Blogger

Hello everyone if you want to be a blogger but you dont know to create a blog and where to create a blog? you answer is here read my previous article by click here. this article will help you to know that which platform is good for creating a website.

if you are a fresher means want to create a blog for the first time then blogger is the best platform if you creating blog first time blogger is the best platform for new bloggers because it is very easy to use not so complicated like wordpress but you have not found many features like wordpress.

today i am going to tell you how you can easily create a blog using blogger in just 10 minutes, i will explain each and every steps which are used to create blog in blogger. for more articles regarding blogging you can follow us.

How to create a blog using Blogger in 10 minutes

step 1: go to google and type blogger and search.

step 2: now open bloggers official website or click here.

next step 3: create a account by sign up option with you email.

next step 4: click on create a blog option then you will be asked for your blog name, enter the blog name you want.

step 5: now enter the url of the website like annytutorial.comĀ 

note: you will have a free domain blogspot from blogger for custom domain use the option below.

step 6: now click ok and you will have the dashboard of the blog.

Customize you blog!

now you can customize your blog by using the theme option and select the theme you like the most for more themes comment down we will give you some beautiful themes of blogger which you dont found on blogger dashboard.

you can use widgets to customize your blog so that your blog look like a professional blog. and add pages like about us contact us disclaimer etc which are very important for a blog. you can visit you blog and see how it looks like by clicking the option visit blog. and for more customization use the layout option and check out it.

for link your blog with adsense go to the earning option and follow the step followed by the screen, remember always post good and positive article which help peoples and your reader will enjoy to read whats you wrote their.

use the google insight page to know the loading speed of your website and customize your website for better user experience. when your site will grow and reached high amout of visiter then you can apply for adsense if you dont know how can you apply for adsense then comment down we will help you to know about adsense.

feel free to contact us if you have any type of questions regarding this we surely help you