How to create a website

Hello friends! are you thinking of creating a blog? but as a beginner, you don’t want to invest any money? here you will get all the answers which you are searching for.

So yes, you can make a website free of cost, you can start your business through a website without any investment. Nowadays, you can make a website even if you don’t know about web development or HTML java, etc.

We will discuss here how can you make a website which is free of cost step by step, we will teach you about everything related to creating a website from the beginning so let’s get starting with the introduction.

Steps to Creating a website

Many platforms offer you to create a website some are free of cost and some have paid services. we have the name of two platforms that can be called the best platform for website building, those are Blogger & WordPress. WordPress is not fully free of cost but, Blogger can offer you free service.

We will discuss this today about bloggers because most beginners are don’t want to invest in the beginning so for those peoples blogger is the best platform.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is the platform for website building provided by google itself for the user who wants to create a website. blogger is very user-friendly and easy to use it provide free services to their users.

Services that provide Blogger

Blogger is the best platform for users who don’t have so much money to invest. it provides you with free web hosting and a free subdomain. if you want to use a custom domain, you can purchase it from any domain registration company like GoDaddy.

How to create a website using Blogger

Read This article to know more in detail- How to create a blog using Blogger in 10 minutes

blogger is very easy to use. you can simply click here this like will take you to the official website of the blogger. there you have to register yourself and will have to create a profile. then you will be asked for a subdomain, enter the name of your company or something else which you want to have in the subdomain of the website.

Now follow the steps and your website is ready in just 10 minutes, you can customize your website according to your wish. blogger provide you with some free web theme, you can use them to look your website more attractive.

If you want more themes free of cost then comment down we will provide you with some beautiful cost-free themes.

If you don’t have an idea what important pages should have on a website we will always be here to help, you have to create 4 to 5 important pages which are the about us┬ápage, contact us page, disclaimer, term, and condition, site map, etc. click on each page to see an example.

blogger is a good place to create a website read this How to create a blog using Blogger in 10 minutes to learn everything and how can you create the blog step by step. also, WordPress is a good platform to manage a professional blog there are a huge amount of functions available that you can use to make your blog more attractive and effective there are many plugins available that you can use in your blog to make your blog faster.

you also have to create a social site bar where you cant connect your website from your social site pages and account for making a better website. if you want a brief explanation on customization of a website please let us know, we will help you always, it is our main priority. thanks.