Movies Like Harry Potter in 2022

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Movies Like Harry Potter

Harry Potter-like movies – Hello everyone welcome again to our website I hope you doing well at home. In this hard situation time, we all want new and good movies to watch because we all are bored at home, if you have not read this article Harry Potter Books PDF Download (All Books)

Then go and read that first in that article I suggest some best movies which can be watched in lockdown. this movie will entertain you so you guys have to check it out.

Today I am going to tell you some movies name which are based on the magical world like harry potter. if you really like harry potter movies then you will gonna love this movie this is my surety so let’s see what movies they are.

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Movies Like Harry Potter

There are many movies available on the internet based on the magical world. some are very interesting and some are not as well. I know you are here to find out some best movies among them so today I am not going to tell you about the Fantastic Beasts Movie Series which is a prequel movie series by harry potter. because you all know about this.

also, I am not going to tell you about Chronicles of Narnia or Lords of the Rings, or Percy Jackson. There are many more movies available on the internet based on magic.

Web Series Based on Magical World Like Harry Potter

I am going to tell you about Web series which are available in Hindi on Netflix and based on the magical world, I know you are coming here to find movies but there are many posts already available on the internet that tells about movies like harry potter. so I will give you web series which are totally different from other articles.

Magic is the thing which we all like to watch and in movies, it also works so recently some magical web series are getting famous these days we will discuss that web series in this article.


  1. The Order 

The Order is a magical web series of teenagers who are selected as their capability in a secret group which is called The order. the lead character of this web series finds his father to take revenge for his mother death, this web series has worth watching you should watch it once then you will like it. this web series has 2 seasons both 2 seasons are interesting enough to entertain you.

2. The Winx Saga

This web series is also a magical web series where you can find many fairy-like fire fairies who control the fire and more like this. this web series is the most watched web series and has an interesting storyline. the lead character did not know about her power and then she learns everything. this web series has only one season but we can aspect the second season of this web series.

3. Shadow And the Bone

It is a newly released web series that is also available in Hindi on Netflix. it is also based on the magical world. the story follows the lead character who has the power to bring light again into the world and fight against the black shadow. This is the best web series of this time and it released in 2021. This web series has only one season but next year 2nd season will come.

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These all web series are available in Hindi and can be easily found on Netflix with English subtitles so you can watch them easily there, or you can find these web series on the telegram channel also. watch and enjoy guys.