Sony Release The Teaser For The “Shaktimaan Movie”

Shaktimaan the movie

Shaktimaan Movie is Finally Going To be Real by Sony Pictures India (Teaser Released)

Shaktimaan Movie 2022 – Sony Pictures India has released a Teaser Video of the upcoming Shaktimaan Movie on Youtube. Sony has bought the rights to Shaktimaan Movie. It looks like rumors are happening in real.

Shaktimaan was a TV Show before and it was the only show that shows a superhero from India. almost every person who saw Shaktimaan in their childhood is a fan of Shaktimaan. and honestly, I am saying that also my childhood is incomplete without Shaktimaan TV Show.

Sony is Really Going to Release Shaktimaan Movie?

Shaktimaan Movie by Sony – Many people are searching for that does sony really going to release the Shaktimaan movie? Let me tell you that it is official now and also a small teaser has been released on youtube. And Sony international has recently posted on Twitter that they bought the rights for Shaktimaan and it is official.

Here is the teaser that shows that the Shaktimaan movie is going to be released soon

About The Shaktimaan New Movie

Mukesh khanna in Shaktimaan Movie

Shaktimaan was a great iconic Character of India, Actor Mukesh Khanna was the face behind Shaktimaan. At that time his acting was world-famous and almost everyone is watching his Shaktiman show not only children’s but everyone in a family watched shaktimaan movies. Now it is like the same feeling is going to bring back to us when shaktimaan new movie is released.

Sony Shaktimaan Movie Release Date?

Well, from now we have only shaktimaan movie teaser and there is no hint of the release date on the trailer also there are no details given by sony pictures showing that we can assume the release date of shaktimaan movie is 2022. but it is fully confirmed that the shaktimaan movie is going to be released in 2022. 

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