Is there a Titanic 2 ship being built?

Titanic 2 ship – All of us in our life travels one or more. there are various means by which one can travel. for example by walking, running, throw a cycle, Hike or a car.

It may also be an aircraft with a helicopter or a plane or a private jet but, the most adventurous and beautiful way of traveling can be a water boat a ship.

Have you ever heard about a cursed ship? Titanic ship is a large ship that generally makes a large journey. These types of ships are designed as five or more star restaurants.

It is really a beautiful experience on a cruise where you are surrounded by water from 9 directions, except the one direction which is the upper direction.

But can you imagine how you will feel if you are surrounded by all the directions with water? If you could be on Titanic 2 you would have experienced the same.

but unlikely you have not experienced such a situation.

Titanic is believed to be the largest cruise ever made in history now. But unfortunately, it gets drowned on the 15th of April 1912 in the north Atlantic ocean at 2:40 a.m.

it was one of the dead-list peacetime distances in history. It can be said that it was one of the greatest tragedies in human history.

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But the legacy is not over. There is still something to happen.

Blue Star Line Titanic 2

Blue Star line Private limited has decided to construct a replica of the original Titanic 2 as their chairman Mr. Clive Palmer announced in 2012.

The blue star line Private limited of Brisbane Australia has kept a budget of 500 million dollars for this project. Palmer originally wanted to complete the project till 2016.

But due to some financial disputes, this deadline got delayed in 2019 first, and then to 2022.


the ship was to be built in China. The ocean liner model design and web testing started in early 2018. In November 2018,

palmer confirmed that Swedish marine architectural and design company Gillberg Design would have the responsibility of the ships living segments.

Also, he stated that the Finnish marine engineering company named v ships leisure as the official management services partner for the cruise providing the technical and hotel operation design and features.

Construction of titanic 2. O

The weight of the new Titanic 2 will be 55,800 t. The length of the new Titanic 2 will be 883ft. The Titanic 2 will have nine decks and 840 rooms to provide accommodation to 2,435 passengers and 900 crew members.

The Titanic 2 will feature modern technology and the latest navigation and safety systems.

The most fascinating feature of the Titanic 2 first-class grand staircase descending through most of the boat’s decks. The way down to deck F.

The staircase starts from the boat deck under a wrought iron and glass dome, at the center of which is a glittering 50-light crystal chandelier.

The Titanic 2 will also include a gymnasium, squash courts, swimming pool, bath, theatres, and casino.

features of titanic 2. O

It will also feature the replica of the bridge in the original Titanic, the navigational control center designed and configured to modern standards and regulations.

From where direction and instructions will be communicated to the engine room and other areas of the Titanic 2.

The Marconi room which was used for communication aboard the Titanic 2 ship will be recreated aboard the new Titanic, will not be functional the Titanic ship but will not be functional the Titanic.

It Will set its inaugural sail from Dubai to Southampton and from there it sails across the Atlantic Ocean to New York after that it will be opened for other global routes also.