Low Spec Game – Top 5 Low Spec Game For PC here is the list of top 5 games that should be worth playing. Best low spec pc games

Top 5 Low Spec Game For PC


Hello everyone are you looking for a low spec game but actually, you don’t know which games are best for low spec computers or laptops don’t worry I am here to help you with this problem. there is a huge amount of games available on the internet and most of them are good to play but in this article, I will give you the top 5 low spec games for pc or laptop.

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If you have purchased a new laptop or a computer and the ram of your pc is 1 or 2 GB or maybe its 3 GB. I am going to tell you about shooting games which are available in offline mode and you can play these games with your low spec pc or laptops.

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List Of 5 Low Spec Games

 Counter-Strike v1.6

So when we are talking about shooting games the first game in our mind is should be a counterstrike. You will gonna love the graphics of this game. this game will take you to the firing zone mentally. I am strongly advised to play this game.

About The Game

This is a team game-based game where you will have to defeat the team and complete the mission every. this game is also available on the online stream so that you can play this game offline as well as online.

GTA Vice City

If you want to play an individual mode game where you can do anything you want. you all know about this game right. this is the second-best game for low spec pc users. it can run smoothly on your device. The graphics are not so good but you will enjoy playing the game.

About The Game

It is based on a gangster mode where you can do anything you want to do just do yourself or you can finish the mission available there. easy to play and only available in offline mode. there is many next version available but this game will run smoothly in low spec games.

IGI 2 (I’m Going IN)

All you guys know about this popular shooting game. it’s a very awesome game and it’s worth playing. there is the first part of this game I am Going In is also a low spec game but that was not so good to keep in place of 5 top games but that was good for play you can try that.

About The Game

This is first-person Shooting game consist of many missions and the exciting advancer of John David who is the role-play model of this game. The graphics are very good and the full game is very exciting. everyone should play this game. only available at offline mode.

Call Of Duty

In the 4th place of our top 5 low spec games for pc list is call of duty, it is the most exciting game ever where you have to defeat your enemies and complete all the missions. it is a little bit big game but I think it can run on a 2 GB ram pc or laptop easily because it does not have too many good graphics as the other version of this game has. remember the name its the biggest shooting game.

About The game

It is a shooting game and the winner of the best shooting game of all century but not this version that is another version which needs 12GB of ram to run on the computer. All the scenes of this game have war.

Hitman 2

It is a very cool game the developer made it very nicely and the theme of the game is going to love by you because we all love the theme of this game and this game is legit and worthy to play I want to tell you that this game has a very nice theme you have to play it.

About The game

This is a First-person stealth shooting game and has a good storyline and theme must play this game. it can easily run in 2 GB ram computer of laptop. the best game for the new user of the gaming world.


Low Spec Game

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