Top 5 World’s Best Web Series That You Should Must Watch!

best webseries in 2022

Hello readers! Are you feeling bored? and wants to watch a good web series that refresh your mind but you don’t have an idea that what should you watch. Don’t worry I am here to help you with this problem today I am sharing some mind refreshing web series that is the best among many web series.

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It is one of the most famous web series available on Netflix, with an 8.3 IMDB rating it is also one of the most-watched web series of all time. many peoples like this web series because of the intense story of this web series which is based on a heist led by a man called a professor. the best thing about this web series is it has boring fewer scenes. every part of this web series will entertain you.

The web series has 4 seasons, which have 2 parts based on 2 stories about heists. The first part has 2 seasons which have 13 episodes and 9 episodes respectively.  and another part has 2 seasons till now but 1 more season will come by 2022. both 2 seasons have 8-8 episodes each. Part 2 is not over yet it is likely to be said that season 5 will come in next year that is 2022.


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The Wither is a fantasy drama web series that is available on Netflix. it is available in many languages. The story follows the destiny of the witcher. The web series has many, unlike scenes that entertain you the most if you like fantasy movies. With 8.2 IMDB ratings, it is one of the best web series in the fantasy genre. everyone should watch this web series the story binding is mind-blowing of this web series.

Web series has only one season which has a total of 8 episodes of almost 1 hour. and we can say that the next season will come soon as the ending of this web series shows that story is not ended there. it is likely to be said that 2022 is the year 2nd season will release.


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It is a Sci-Fi web series that comes in 2016 with a bang, it has an 8.7 IMDB rating and also one of the most-watched web series on Netflix. stranger things are available in many languages on Netflix to watch. an interesting and unique concept of the story makes this web series a must-watching web series. you will love to watch if you like to watch sci-fi web series & movies. and also you can watch this web series with your family members.

The web series has 3 seasons available on Netflix with many languages and English subtitles. each season has 8 or 9 episode itself, which makes it more interesting. the next season is going to release any time as the shooting is completed and the trailer also comes out. best time to watch this web series


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Lucifer is a mystery drama web series. with an 8.1 IMDB rating, it is a popular web series. The story of this web series follows the lord of hell lucifer. when he bored at hell and come in the earth for chilling, later then he likes earth and stays there. This web series has full of comedy and entertaining storylines. must watch this web series if you want to chill at home.

This Web series has 5 seasons which has a total of 83 episodes, which will entertain you a full week if you want to chill full week you can watch this web series somewhat you may be found boring but the storyline is awesome so you will have a try. recently added some new episodes in season 5.


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It is a comedy-drama web series with an 8.8 IMDB rating it is the most viewed Korean web series. In one word it is one of the best web series in the world, the storyline is far far better than many more web series like this. the story follows an artist who fell in love with a boy, and then the drama begins. must watch this web series and thank me later. you can watch this web series with anyone’s friend’s siblings as well as family members.

This web series has only one season which has a total of 16 episodes, each episode is about 1 hour. starting of the web series may be a little bit slow but then the real intense will begins. the bad thing is there is no confirmation about the next season of the web series. and it is not available in many languages so you can check. English and Hindi language are available with English titles. must watch guys.