Tourist Place in Varanasi – Hello everyone, Welcome to Our blog, Today I am Going To Show You Some Amazing Nearby Tourist Places in Varanasi. If You are in Varanasi, and you are confused that where to visit in Varanasi. and you are searching “Tourist place Near me” Then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to show you the best places to visit in Varanasi. also give you an overview of that place, So you can Easily Visit That Places.

Nearby Tourist places In Varanasi


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Sarnath, Stupa

Sarnath is a tourist place located 10KM from northeast of Varanasi. near the Ganga and Varuna river in Uttar Pradesh. There are many things to know for visitors.

The Deer Park in Sarnath is the place where Gautama Buddha first taught about the dharma. And where the Buddhist sangha came into existence.

Sarnath is the best tourist place to Visit in Varanasi as it is an ancient place, you feel different when you visited Sarnath. There is a museum and a temple near sarnath, you can aslo visit there. Know More About this place in wikipedia

River Gangas, Assi Ghat

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Assi Ghat, Click from boat

Ganga Rivers is one of the best things of Varanasi, with almost millions of people worshiping there every year.

There are many Ganga ghats near the influence of the Ganga river but, the Assi ghat is famous among all. Best tourist places to visit in Varanasi for religious people, you feel awesome when you visit Assi ghat, also you can boating there, boating is very famous on river Ganga. 

You can visit Assi ghat with family members and friends, also it is a good tourist place for couples. You can take part in “Arti” in the evening.  Know more on Wikipedia

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple

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Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple,front view

Did You Know Varanasi is known for religion because there are lots of temples and religious places. Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the famous temples in Varanasi.

Many tourists and Hindu pilgrims travel thousands of miles to visit Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple. There is sacrad attention around this area. It is located near the Manikarnika ghat.

Best place for tourists to visit Varanasi. in the time of the Hindu holiday, devotees wait in line for up to 2 full days to enter the temple. learn more

Ramnagar Fort

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Ramnagar Fort Near the bank of Ganga river

In the year 1750AD, the Ramnagar fort was constructed by the king of Banaras. This was the residence of the former king of banaras. It was built with red stones, and there is a big clock on the palace which shows the day.

There is a museum in the palace which has a huge and rich collection of swords and other things. This Fort is a combination of architectural excellence astronomical brilliance.

If you are Curious about seeing ancient things like the palace fort and swords, you can visit there, you feel awesome when you visit. It is The best nearby tourist place in varansi more

BHU - Banaras Hindu University

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Banaras Hindu University Main Gate

BHU is one of Asia’s Largest and reputative university. Banaras Hindu University has been a central identity of Varanasi since 1916.The well respective public university with more than 25,000 students.

There are many places to visit in Banaras for a tourist. if you are wondered that why it is the largest university in Asia, you should visit there once.

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