Which Are The Good Netflix Web Series to watch


Which Are The Good Netflix Web Series?

Are you searching for some good netflix shows? yes then you are right place. in this article i will give you some good netflix web series which should you watch.

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I will give you a list of some awesome web series which do not have so many views but these are the best web series that should you watch.

There are so many web series available at netflix but when you go to netflix you will gonna confuse that what should you watch because there are so many good web series and also some are boring web series too.

so it is very important to know that what are the good netflix web series to watch. this netflix have good story line as well as acting performance is very nice so you should watch this web series.

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Here are the Good Netflix Web Series

The Society: 


it follows the story for teenager, when they go for a camp something wrong happened and when they return their home all their parents are gone. and they were alone in their city. there is no way to scape and how they manage that situation it based on that story.

this web series have only one season and from the report we can say that there is no any next season coming.

Review: The story of this web series is very unique. every episode is full of advanture and thrill i think it is the best time to watch this web serie as you are at home and have nothing to do other then study and helping your mom in the kitchen.

Outer Banks: 


this web series is based on a small island when a group of friends find a map of treasure the full story is based on their advanture and treasure hunting and this web series has a love story also. when they found the treasure the situation is getting wrost and everything is waste on it and then what happen i cant tell you because it can spoiled your watching.

There is 1 season of this web series but we can aspect the 2nd season because there is no any confirmation about it.

Review: this is one of my favourite web site because the story of this web series is great and the advanture is very entertaining if you like teenage web series the you can go for it.

Never have i ever before:


story of the web series follows a life style of a teenage girl who is lived in america but she is actually a indian. the story is based on her and their problems because of her culture and other problems now can she come over from her problem.

This web series have only 1 season and there is no chances of the second season because there is no confirmation about this.

Review: it is very funny web series a stupid girl and their mistakes all is to have in this web series id full of entertainment if you want to chill you can watch this web series because it can heal your mood and make you feel good.

so guys if you have any web series please let me know so that i can post here and people will read this please feel free to contact us. Thank you stay at home! be safe !!