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Tesla Model Pi Phone – Price, Release Date, Features?

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Tesla Model Pi Phone Price – Hello guys, today we are going to see the generation smartphone review that is rumored to come from the famous electric car company Tesla. So the news is Tesla is going to Launch their own smartphone called the “Tesla Model Pi Phone” with awesome features in it.

Today we are going to see Tesla Model Pi Phone Price, Tesla Model Pi Phone Release Date, and tesla Model Pi Phone Features.

Is it True That Tesla is Making a Phone called the “Tesla Model Pi

Do you ever think that this is not official news that Tesla is going to launch a smartphone? well if you have a question in your mind that is it true that Tesla is making a phone then you will be at the right place. Well as I have already told you tesla is not officially announced that Tesla is making a smartphone called the “tesla model pi phone” but this news has come from various trusted sources like a famous blog in India called has posted an article about the tesla model pi phone price and release date. You can visit their website to know more about the tesla pi smartphone.

How Much Will The Tesla Pi Phone Cost

If you are searching for the tesla pi phone price on google then let me tell you that the expected price of the tesla pi phone is 1059.89 dollars in the USA which means In India tesla pi phone will cost around 80000 INR. However it is only an expected price by the price experts, the price can be changed according to tesla when it is officially released.

Tesla Pi Phone Price In different Countries :

Now you must be thinking that why the tesla pi phone is so costly? well, this is because the tesla pi phone will come with many special features that an ordinary phone does not have we will discuss all the special features of the tesla pi phone in detail in this article. that makes this smartphone a little bit costly for its users.

Tesla Pi Phone Release Date in USA and UK

If it is true that Tesla is going to make a tesla pi smartphone then when it will be released? there is no official confirmation about this news that Tesla is going to release on a specific day of any specific year but from many trusted sources like, we can say that the Tesla model pi phone will be released this year which is 2022.

We will inform you whenever we got any official news about this smartphone or about the tesla model pi phone release date, so keep updated with us and visit again our website to know more about this next generation tesla pi phone.

Tesla model pi is going to release on the same day all over the world which means The USA, United Kingdom, UAE, India, etc, will get the same release date as the tesla pi phone.

What Will Be The Tesla Pi Phone Features?

Tesla Pi Phone is a unique and different smartphone from the other smartphones present in the market. it has some awesome features like Nura-Link that will make this smartphone a Next-Generation smartphone of the decade.

If you don’t know about Nura-Link then let me tell you that it is a special feature where you can control the phone without touching the phone, you can control the tesla pi phone from your mind. A chip-like material is to be used in this entire process. This feature is a very rare feature because the tesla pi phone is the only smartphone that will come with the Nura-link feature.

It is also said that the Tesla pi phone will come with the support of Star-Link Connectivity which makes this smartphone a super smartphone. Star link connectivity can give you 200GB per second internet speed. the connection is directly coming from Space with a satellite.

and if you have a tesla car model then you can also connect this smartphone with a tesla pi phone and easily operate your tesla car with a tesla model pi smartphone.

Also, This Tesla Smartphone can be used even on mars which means it can operate on mars also. developers said that the tesla pi phone will also mine mars cryptocurrency like this so many awesome features the tesla pi phone has. and this feature makes this smartphone the next-generation smartphone of all time.

Tesla Smartphone Real Or Fake?

Finally, we are going to discuss a trending topic that is Tesla smartphones real or fake? well, it is hard to say that this is only a rumor because many trusted website has posted about this and many YouTubers has told us about this tesla model pi smartphone but when we look into the facts tesla is not announce anything related to making a smartphone, so it may be only a myth.

But think about it, if this tesla model pi smartphone will be launched then it will going to compute with iPhone because it has awesome features that no other smartphone has in this arena.

Final Words

We don’t know whether Tesla will make a smartphone or not, we are just informing you of the rumors that are viral on the internet, but whenever trusted sources say this, the news always gets right. so let’s hope that this tesla model pi smartphone will be launched soon.

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