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Best Government Polytechnic College in Jharkhand

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Best Government Polytechnic College in Jharkhand – If You are searching for the best polytechnic college for your admission in Jharkhand, and you are confused that where should you take admission. Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to show you which Government Polytechnic College is best for you.

Jharkhand is one of the best states when you come to education, There are many Polytechnic colleges in Jharkhand. Private Polytechnic college as well as Government polytechnic college. Polytechnic is also known as Diploma In Engineering, and in diploma, there are many courses available like as engineering courses.

In This article, we will discuss the List of best government polytechnic colleges in Jharkhand and which college is best for you to take admission.

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List of Best Government Polytechnic College In Jharkhand

As You know there are many government polytechnic colleges in Jharkhand as well as Private Colleges and Semi-Government Colleges. We will review every college and find out the best colleges for you to take admission to.

Government Polytechnic, Adityapur

Government Polytechnic College adityapur is located at Jamshedpur. As Jamshedpur is one of the best industrial cities, So there is a huge opportunity for placement, companies like JSW, AMNS, YOKOHAMA, and  TATA POWER. This College offers 4 types of diploma Courses.

  1. Diploma in Computer Science engineering
  2. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  4. Diploma in metallurgical engineering

In This College, You will have the best Placement Opportunity for Mechanical And Electrical Engineering. This College is known as one of the finest colleges in Jharkhand. The students are allocated by a high merit list.

When We talk about facilities, Hostel is available for both boys as well as girls and there is good security for students because the whole campus is protected by 158 battalions of central reserve para forces. There is a need to improve the infrastructure of the college.

As reported by the students of GP Adityapur, Teachers are very supportive there and give high-quality education. You can take admitted to this college by 2 types of exams. Polytechnic entrance exam and diploma entrance exam(lateral entry) both are organized by the Jharkhand Combined board.

Government Polytechnic, Ranchi

Government Polytechnic, Ranchi is located at mid of Ranchi city, Bahu Bazar. Ranchi is one of the famous cities in Jharkhand, everything is available there, including many institutes, coaching, Guest Lodges, etc. Every year many Placement companies come over there, like TATA POWER, JINDAL, L&T, etc.

Government Polytechnic, Ranchi Is one of the best colleges of all, where you can everything, and the best place for study as well as fun. GP Ranchi Offers 5 Diploma courses.

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Electronics engineering
  5. Computer Science Engineering

Facilities like a Hostel are available for both boys as well as girls, Canteen is available, and also infrastructure is quite good compared to gp Adityapur. One thing can be faced by everyone, That is Less security. bahu Bazar is a little bit less secure area.

As reported by students, teachers are very supportive and give high-quality education. and the campus is very friendly, overall a good place for students who come there for their studies, they can focus on their studies also can enjoy themselves as there are many places to visit for fun.

Government Polytechnic, Dhanbad

Government Polytechnic, Dhanbad is also one of the best polytechnic colleges in Jharkhand, It is located at a peaceful place in Dhanbad so that students can learn peacefully. Also, you can get a better placement there from many popular companies.

The surrounding is a little bit good in the government Polytechnic Dhanbad. Government Polytechnic Dhanbad Provides 5 diploma courses

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Metallurgical engineering
  3. Electrical engineering
  4. Computer Science Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering

There you can get facilities like a hostel, Mess and Friendly Campus for Boys as well as Girls. and the area is also secured. As reported by some students, The education of GP Dhanbad is good and has good faculty.

And Infrastructure is good in GP Dhanbad, with Big Lecture rooms, Classrooms and crowded free areas, all these facilities can be found in the government polytechnic Dhanbad.

Government Polytechnic, Bhaga

Government polytechnic Bhaga is also known as Bhaga Mining because GP Bhaga is popular in Mining Courses. This is located at Dhanbad in a peaceful place, with almost no crowd there. Here you can get Better placement in Mining companies.

Almost 80 percent of students take placement every year. Government Polytechnic bhaga offers 2 Courses only.

  1. Mining Engineering
  2. Computer science engineering

Facilities like a hostel for boys, canteen, friendly and big campus, etc can be found in GP bhaga. also, the best education is provided by GP Bhaga. as reported by Students, It is one of the most valuable colleges in Jharkhand for Mining Engineering.

Some other Government Polytechnic Colleges

As the Articles are getting bigger, so now I am putting all colleges according to Good-to-Bad List. All 4 Colleges are the best among all colleges in Jharkhand so if you are searching for admission try to grab that college first, else if you have a low merit list you can also try these colleges.

Government Polytechnic Colleges

  1. Government Polytechnic Kharsawan
  2. Government Polytechnic Nirsa
  3. Government Polytechnic Khutri
  4. Government Polytechnic Koderma
  5. Government Polytechnic Dumka
  6. Government Polytechnic Latehar
  7. Government Polytechnic Sahibganj
  8. government Polytechnic Jagannathpur

Government Polytechnic College For Girls

  1. Government Women’s Polytechnic, Ranchi
  2. Government Women’s Polytechnic, Bokaro

Semi-Government Polytechnic College

  1. Al-Kabir Polytechnic College
  2. K.K Polytechnic College
  3. Madhupur Polytechnic College
  4. Garhwa Polytechnic College
  5. Gola Polytechnic College
  6. Silli Polytechnic College
  7. Pakur Polytechnic College
  8. Chandil Polytechnic College

Many polytechnic colleges are not famous at all, and also their services are not worth, If you require any type of additional information please comment down, and we will surely reply to you. also, share with your friends.


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